Why Florida Gift Fruit


During Florida’s Gift Fruit season, there is no sweeter gesture than saying hello, happy holidays, or thank you with a gift of Florida Citrus! Choosing the best gift for friends and family can often be a difficult task. What do you get your friend who seems to have it all or your great aunt who you only see once a year? What about your co-workers or best business clients? Whether it’s for the family or a large corporate group, Florida Gift Fruit makes a great authentic gift idea, fitting any budget, that everyone can enjoy this holiday season. 


For those who travel or live in the Sunshine State, Gift Fruit season also offers a unique experience for the entire family.  Quaint gift shops, charming cafes with citrus-inspired dishes, swamp buggy tours and wildlife exhibits are just a few of the features visitors will encounter on a visit to many of Florida’s Gift Fruit stands.  Some locations also allow visitors to learn more about the state’s largest agricultural crop by touring a packing house or hosting u-pick fresh citrus. Find a Florida Citrus Experience that’s right for you and your family here.


There are Florida Citrus Gifts available in a plethora of sizes to fit any budget. Options can include baskets and trays of single or multiple citrus varieties. Standard tray sizes range from 5 to 36 pounds. Some packages can also include orange blossom honey, jellies, candies, chocolate, and an array of other unique Florida-inspired items. Many Florida Gift Fruit Shippers offer attractive packaging that is perfect for the holiday season. Each Florida Gift Fruit Shipper is subject to their own promotions and many offer special gifting options unique to their operation. Find a Florida Gift Fruit Shipper here.